The 144 ELiTE

Real Rap With AgreeAble Soul : Members of K-Rino's South Park Coalition, Houston, TX

 ”THE 144 ELiTE WORLD is about AgreeAbles vs. DisAgreeAbles. Positive over Negative Lyrics. The MUSIC focuses more on a Spiritual Vibe. Not the Big Baller / Player / My Big House, Car, and Gold Chain Rap. You'll Like it.” –DOPE E 

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The 144 ELiTE 

n. v. adj.- (dee one- fo'- fo' ee-leet)

Real Rap 4 AgreeAble Souls

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JusTice AllaH INsanity Album

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1. Introduction To The Insa

2. They Think I'm CRAZY
3. False Reality
4. Get It, Get It, Get It
5. HOLY Wood
6. This Is R.A.P.
7. I Don't Wanna Get Ahead
8. High & Free
9. Houston, Texas
10. Incoherent Experience
11. Niggativity
12. Smoke Some Real Good Weed
13. Black Cops
14. We Shall Overcome
15. The TRUTH
16. Return To Owner
17. Safely Inside
18. Street Tales Part 2
19. Your Daddy Loves You
20. Going Out Crazy





Something NEW For You To Wake Up To.
From The Folks That Brought You SuPreme MatheMatics, JusTice Served, Y.E.T.T., FTH! and The Original Classic 144 ELiTE Album - "AgreAbles +vs- DisAgreeAbles". This Time It's 21 Banging Tracks of More Than What You Expected.

           TRACK LIST
    1. The Awakening
    2. Not A Love Song
    3. I'm Behind The Times
    4. At The Club
    5. Beyotches
    6. For The Love of the Game
    7. Never Gonna Love Again
    8. Summertime
    9. Supa-Shine
  10 Shine and Glow
  11 Gangstas
  12 Ya Feel Me
  13 Lay Me Down To Sleep
  14 Y'all Want ME
  15 Blame It On The Hip-Hop
  16 Make It
  17 Why Are We
  18 Animals
  19 The Drugs
  20 Where Were You
  21 NOW

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F.T.H. Stands For "Fux Them Hoes" -- and By the Time You've Finished Jamming This BANGER, You Will KNOW Exactly: Who, When, What, Where and How To Do It.

Packed Full With a Whooping 18 Solid Tracks, Including 13 Exclusively Produced Tracks From JusTice AllaH.

Featuring Special Guest Appearances From: ClChe The Classyfied Lady, K-RINO (Founder of the South Park Coalition), Sniper Of ReUP Entertainment/SPC, Dope E The Terrorist, Klondike Kat The Lyrical Lion, and Murder One of SPC.

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You Can't Forget To Get YOUR Copy Of JusTice AllaH's Y.E.T.T.
Our Story, Your Story and My Story...All Digitally Chronologed In A Musical
Once Again, This Project Is Fully Loaded With 19 BIG Songs That Are
Gauranteed To Have You Singing Along. This Is An Original Hip-Hop
Masterpiece That Had It's Birth In The Heart and Soul Of Houston, Texas',
Newest, Nextest BEST Thing.
Featuring: Street Military's KB The Kidnappa, DOPE E The Terrorist,
Ranus Allah, Ren X, ClChe The Classyfied Lady and K-RINO.

 BUY JusTice AllaH's "JusTice Served" Album - Featuring The SMASH Hit Song

BULLSH8 - From the Dynamic and Powerful Video by Justice with The S.P.C.

(South Park Coalition) which details the struggle to survive amidst the constant

barrage of bullshit in this world.

You'll Also Get 18 Other Non-Filler Tracks That Are Going To Make You Wear 

Your Track Repeat Button Out.... This Album Has Special Guest Appearances

By: Shanno of SPC, DaViD Sha, MJ The Master Jami, Dope E The Terrorist,

Murder One and DBX - O.G.s Of The SPC, The Lovely Voice of AshLei Mayadia

and We Couldn't Do It without A Special Feature From The Wizard Of South Park,


Get Your JusTice Served...ToDay!                          

Justice Allah from The 144 Elite and South Park Coalition drops some food for the brain. As with previous releases Justice Allah comes with some conscious, positive and uplifting lyrics and concepts.

The title track ‘Supreme Mathematics’ features the founder of the South Park Coalition K-Rino as well as Dope-E from the legendary group The Terrorists and indeed The 144 Elite. This track is one of the highlights of the album and injects some great brass over some rapid percussion. Ashlei Mayadia deals with the hook nice on this track and infact quite a few of the tracks on this album.

If you like you’re Hip-Hop to be inspiring and need a break from the ‘swagger-rap’ that seems to be clogging up the airwaves then this something you need. This is the truth and is a case of ‘knowledge over nonsense’ and albums like this are needed if Hip-Hop music is to last as a musical genre.


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